This online, free, “wide-range” contemporary jazz library is really something unique on the web!
It started in 2016, including about 80 remarkable albums of the last 5 years, with some brief comments in Greek language. (English version was available since 2018). Soon after, the “playlist” format became dominant, so you can listen to a special program with all tracks coming exclusively from new releases. You can also find links to the full albums and all relevant information, like reviews, press releases, videos, musicians’ websites, etc. Enjoy!

(An issue that has not yet been resolved is that  “Categories” shown on this site refer only to the “stand-alone” albums and not to those into the playlists. (When we find a sponsor, we’ll get a more sophisticated site 🙂 )

Contact: info@modernjazz.gr
F/b page: https://www.facebook.com/modernjazz.gr/

Greetings from Athens, Greece!