Chris Dave And The Drumhedz

“Blue Note sets the trend with Chris Dave’s debut album”.. 

A sought-after rnb session drummer, a beat factor in many pop, award-winning hits, a catalyst to the “new jazz” genre, 44 yo Chris Dave (Houston, Texas) is a player that competes drum machines, introduced to jazz audiences through his association with Kenny Garrett and later with Robert Glasper.
Together with his group, Drumhedz and many famous guests, he offers us a charming, “cool & dark” funk, soul, gospel, hip-hop and jazz mix.
Regarding the functionality of this style, we shall confess that, at first, it speaks to the body; all the rest to follow, logically.
Here is mommy’s Blue Note official presentation, and if you want my opinion, listening gets more interesting, starting from track 08, until the end. Adjusting treble and bass to your hi-fi  system, would also be beneficial


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