Denis Gäbel – The Good Spirits

Congrats to  Denis Gäbel for this collaboration with today’s great jazz musicians, the famous Clarence Penn, Scott Colley and Kevin Hays!  This is excellent, pure jazz!
The man is a 38-year-old experienced saxophonist, residing in Cologne, and he has just released his fifth, New York album, probably assisted by the “Good Spirits” which always lurk, on such circumstances, to reveal jazz beauty and grandeur.
And if something more has to be told, additionally to the Mons Rec. press release, let’s focus on  the smart, mostly postbop style compositions (plus one from Mingus), including, at least two times, phrases from standards (The Peacocks, Misterioso). Dig his hot, well-weighed tenor sound which knows how to leave space between the fast, gorgeous, and clear ideas. Enjoy the exciting multi-rhythmic, airy, swinging wave that makes you feel like flying; with them to the Kindness of the Spirits!
My favorite tracks are 02. Core,  06. Heavy and I’m still trying to figure out why this rising sax player and composer also reminded me of George Adams

Listen to the full album, below:


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