Best of the “Best Jazz Albums of 2023”

Gathering the critics’ choices for the “Best Jazz Albums of 2023” as they appear in 45 publications so far across the web, results in 399 albums, which you’ll find ranked in order of success in the downloadable spreadsheet “Best of the Best Jazz Albums of 2023“. This file includes links and it can function as “2023 Jazz Discography Guide”. Have a look at a small excerpt here:

It is noted that, like every year, critics mostly appreciate and promote avant-garde/free jazz. Additionally, a trend is emerging where musicians, aiming to convey a message, place more emphasis on building an overall musical picture, than on developing individual musical elements, such as solos, which are thus pushed to the background. Furthermore, there is insufficient representation of jazz-hop and contemporary beats, as the catalog, with few exceptions, does not include them, because they are classified under other genres, such as “beyond jazz” or simply “contemporary music”.

The compatibility between and the catalog amounts at 23%, as it shares with these internet critics 20 common selections, out of the total 86 that have already appeared in our four posts of this year, namely the “New Jazz Releases,” Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, and Vol. 4, where creativity is always combined with fun. The Vol. 5 is expected to follow.

Finally, will additionally contribute to a more complete picture of the musical year 2023 with a playlist that is about the entertaining side of jazz and is hard to find elsewhere. These songs were heard at the party held for the “Seven Years of” and can be used accordingly in any other situation, e.g. for your New Year’s Eve Jazz Party!

The playlist is available on YouTube:

2023 Farewell Jazz Party

Let’s be optimistic for a musically wonderful 2024!
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