2024 Jazz Releases, Vol. 2

Personal and distinctive style is the Holy Grail of Jazz! According to this, we have highlighted for several years everything that makes a difference nowadays, without many tedious words, betting on the beauty and value of true Musical Art. Have fun!

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All about the albums and the musicians contributing to the playlist

Ferge X Fisherman – GOOD MOTHER
Genre: Jazz, hip-hop
Label: Ferge X Fisherman
Place: Germany
Reviews: WorldPlayMagazine
Listen: BandcampDeezer, SpotifyYoutube

Soulful jazz-hop by beatmaker Ferge and rapper Fritz Fisherman, featuring also Takuya Kuroda (tp), Mick Jenkins (rap), Jerome Thomas (voc) and more

Bobby Selvaggio 11 – Stories, Dreams, Inspirations: For My Boy
Genre: Contemporary jazz, modern jazz, large ensemble/big band
Label: Hidden Cinema Records
Place: Ohio/USA
Reviews: AllAboutJazz, MakingAScene, Paris-Move
Listen: BandcampDeezer, SpotifyYoutube

Αcclaimed alto/soprano saxophonist, composer, educator and band leader Bobby Selvaggio shines again in seven new compositions, arranged for an 11-piece band 

Chris Zantioti – Fighting the Average
Genre: R&B/neo-soul, hip-hop
Label: Chris Zantioti
Place: Athens, Greece
Reviews: DeBop (GR)
Listen: BandcampDeezer, SpotifyYoutube

Guitarist and producer Chris Zantioti’s debut album reflects his love and knowledge of the genre. Featuring Billy Kalistridis (dr), Yoel Soto (el.b), Yiannis Karygiannis (synths, arr.),  Idra Kayne, Erasmia Markidi, MC Yinka, Alexandra Sieti, Anduze (singers/vocalists) and more

Jacky Terrasson – Moving On
Genre: Contemporary jazz
Label: Naive
Place: France/New York
Reviews: Amazon, MarlBank, JazzMessengers
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Renowned pianist Jacky Terrasson handles melodies with elegance and modern flair. Featuring Kareen Guiock-Thuram, Camille Bertault (voc), Gregoire Maret (hrca), Kenny Davis (b), Billy Hart, Eric Harland (dr) and others

Lukmil Perez, Chucho Valdès – Airotele Ona – Croisées inattendues
Genre: Modern jazz, post-bop, Latin jazz
Label: Star Prod / Jazz Eleven
Place: France /Cuba
Reviews: SonicRendezvous
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Modern jazz with a Cuban flavor, from drummer Lukmil Perez and Irving Acao (ts), Carlos Sarduy (tp), Chucho Valdès (p), Flipe Cabrera (b)

Kandace Springs – Run Your Race
Genre: Soul, Vocal jazz
Label: SRP Records
Place: Nashville, TN
Reviews: JazzFM, WBGO, JazzWeekly, Paris-Move
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Kandace Springs on her new album, dedicated to her – R&B singer/musician – father, unleashes her rich, warm and disarming emotion, with a voice of brilliant colors, emphatic phrasing and exquisite homogeneity

Elusive – Natural Resolve
Genre: Beats, Jazz-hop, electronic
Label: Alpha Pup
Place: Los Angeles
Listen: BandcampDeezer, SpotifyYoutube

Experienced producer Aaron Koslow (aka Elusive) in increasingly complex creations, always with the right musical partners

Gabriel Pierré – Until Now
Genre: Modern jazz
Label: Jazz Family
Place: France
Reviews: Fnac
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

The gentle side of modern jazz, from bassist Gabriel Pierré’s Quintet on his debut album, featuring Katrin Merili (voc) and Emcee Agora (rap) as guests

Caroline Davis & Wendy Eisenberg – Accept When
Genre: Modern jazz, vocal, free jazz
Label: Astral Spirits
Place: Brooklyn
Reviews: Salt-Peanuts
Listen: BandcampDeezer, SpotifyYoutube

A sophisticated, tasteful duet with songs and improvisations, by Caroline Davis (alto sax, voice, synths), and Wendy Eisenberg (guitar, voice), featuring Greg Saunier (drums)

Clothing Club – Fresh Fade
Genre: New jazz, Jazz-hop
Label: Blikflak
Place: Aarhus, Denmark
Listen: BandcampDeezer, SpotifyYoutube

Clothing Club trio successfully do a deep dive in today’s styles

David Murray Quartet – Francesca
Genre: Modern jazz, post-bop
Label: Intakt Records
Place: Zurich
Reviews: AllMusic, AllAboutJazz, LondonJazzNews, PostGenre
Listen: BandcampDeezer, Spotify

Famous for his technique of playing fluently in the altissimo range of the saxophone, iconic saxophonist of modern jazz David Murray continues to delight his fans with his melodiousness, energy and authentic jazz feel. With Marta Sánchez (p), Luke Stewart (b), Russell Carter (dr)

Morgan Guerin – Tales Of The Facade
Genre: New jazz, alt.R&B, fusion
Label: Candid Records
Place: New York
Reviews: Candid, AllMusic, ProperMusic
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Morgan Guerin is a forward thinking young saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist, already having famous features under his belt, like Terri Lyne Carrington, Russell Gunn, Tyshawn Sorey, and Esperanza Spalding

Eric Alexander – Timing Is Everything
Genre: Contemporary jazz, mainstream jazz
Label: Cellar Live
Place: New York
Reviews: Amazon, TheJazzWorld
Listen: BandcampDeezer, SpotifyYoutube

30 years at the pinnacle of straight ahead saxophone, Eric Alexander has been perfecting his astonishing phraseology, trying to reinvent himself whenever possible. Here, he is recorded for the first time from Cellar Live Records, with new collaborators, namely Rick Germanson (p), Alexander Claffy (b), Jason Tiemann (dr), and other guests

Juan Carlos Valencia Ramos – Retratos de Colombia
Genre: Latin jazz, big band
Label: Juan Carlos Valencia Ramos
Place: Austin, Texas
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Pictures of Colombia with emphasis on orchestration, by trumpeter, composer and arranger Juan Carlos Valencia Ramos and La Tribu Big Band 

corto.alto – Bad With Names (The Remixes)
Genre: Jazz-hop, electronic
Label: New Soil
Place: Glasgow, UK
Reviews: JazzWise
Listen: BandcampDeezer, SpotifyYoutube

Trombonist Liam Shortall aligns with the trends of the day, along with Graham Costello (dr), Fergus McCreadie (keys), Harry Weir (ts), …

Brent Birckhead – Cacao (Deluxe)
Genre: Jazz-hop, fusion
Label: Birckhead Music Group
Place: New York
Reviews: OcchiMagazine, Paris-Move
Listen: BandcampDeezer, SpotifyYoutube

Nothing but pleasure, from multi-insrumentalist Brent Birckhead (saxes, flutes, bass clarinet, synths) and his hard grooving band

Julien Knowles – As Many, as One
Genre: Modern jazz
Label: Biophilia Records
Place: Los Angeles
Reviews: MetalJazz
Listen: BandcampDeezer, SpotifyYoutube

Julien Knowles is a talented up and coming trumpeter, from Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz Class of 2023, that seems to have some essential and beautiful things to tell us!

Greg Spero, Joe Cleveland, Stixx Taylor – Coming Up
Genre: Jazz-funk, smooth jazz
Label: Tiny Records
Place: Los Angeles?
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Delightful modern rhythms, out of an apparent simplicity, from pianist Greg Spero’s tight-knit trio

Genre: Acid jazz, beats
Label: Boreal Sun/Bridge The Gap
Place: London, UK
Reviews: JazzWise, ScandinavianSoul
Listen: BandcampDeezer, SpotifyYoutube

Liselotte Östblom (voc), Matt Roberts (producer/multi-instrumentalist), and their collaborators, are worthy descendants of the British acid jazz scene

M O R E   N E W   &  N O T E W O R T H Y   R E L E A S E S
(Spring 2024)


  • Viktoria Tolstoy – Stealing Moments (ACT)
  • Tierney Sutton – Good People
  • Norah Jones – Visions (Capitol)
  • Anna Gréta – Star of Spring (ACT)
  • Elena Gilliam – Shall We Dance
  • Radha Thomas – As I Sing
    Ft. Reg Schwager, Pete McCann, ..
  • Eddie Bruce – The Magic and Music of Tony Bennett
  • Bryan Eng – A Few Days With You
  • Melody Gardot – Sayonara Meu Amor (Decca)
  • Fay Victor, Herbie Nichols SUNG – Life Is Funny That Way (Tao Forms)
  • Chantae Cann – Rhythm + Revelation, Vol. 1
  • Nina Reiter MetaLogue – The Music of Mani Planzer
  • Bryony Jarman-Pinto – Below Dawn (Tru Thoughts)
  • Michelle Nicolle – 10 – Michelle Nicolle Live at The Jazzlab (ABC)
  • Hyeonseon Baek – Longing
    Ft. Lucas Pino, Kevin Hays, Linda May Han Oh, Jochen Rueckert
  • John Zorn & Jesse Harris – Love Songs Live (Tzadik)
    Ft. Petra Haden (voc)


  • Julien Bertrand, New Fly – Waxmen (Fresh Sound New Talent)
  • Summer Camargo – To Whom I Love (Blue Engine)
  • Jeremy Pelt – Tomorrow’s Another Day (HighNote)
  • Markus Stockhausen – Celebration (O-tone)
  • Rajesh Mehta, Sky Cage Quartet – Malagasy Breath
  • Dave Douglas – GIFTS ( Greenleaf)
    Ft. Ian Chang, Rafiq Bhatia & James Brandon Lewis
  • Rob Mazurek – Milan (Clean Feed)
  • Dan Coulthurst – Babyteeth (Ubuntu)
  • Jack Walrath – Live at Smalls (Cellar Live)
    Ft. Abraham Burton, George Burton, Boris Kozlov, Donald Edwards
  • Wadada Leo Smith, Amina Claudine Myers – Central Park‘s Mosaics of Reservoir, Lake, Paths and Gardens
  • Suzan Veneman – Zinder ( ZenneZ)
  • Charlie Sepulveda – Urbajazz
  • Paolo Fresu – LEGACY (Tuk)
  • Jacques Kuba Séguin – Parfum no. 2
    Ft. Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal
  • Ian Carey & Wood Metal Plastic – Strange Arts


  • Grace Kelly – At The Movies (La Reserve)
  • Alex Weitz – Live at Black Cat
  • Scott Hamilton – Live At De Tor
  • Chris Potter – Eagle’s Point (Edition)
    Ft. Brad Mehldau, John Patitucci & Brian Blade
  • Charles Lloyd – The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow (Blue Note)
    Ft. Jason Moran, Larry Grenadier & Brian Blade
  • Remy Le Boeuf – Heartland Radio
  • James Brandon Lewis, The Messthetics – The Messthetics and James Brandon Lewis (Impulse!)
  • Michael Thomas – The Illusion Of Choice (Criss Cross)
    Ft. Manuel Valera, Matt Brewer, Obed Calvaire
  • Willie Morris – Attentive Listening (Posi-Tone)
    Ft. Patrick Cornelius, Jon Davis, Boris Kozlov, Rudy Royston
  • Adele Sauros – Your Special Loss (Fresh Sound New Talent)
  • Nicole Glover – Plays (Savant)
  • Maria Grand, Marta Sanchez – Anohin (Biophilia)
  • Magnus Lindgren, John Beasley – Butterfly Effect (ACT)
  • Mark Lockheart – Smiling (Edition)
  • Peter Van Huffel’s CALLISTO – Meandering Demons (Clean Feed)
  • Mirco Mariottini – Ipazia Live (Caligola)
  • Joakim Berghäll – Dialogues V
    Ft. Ingrid Jensen, Tom Harrell, Wayne Krantz, Marc Ribot
  • Johannes Enders, Renato Chicco, Jorge Rossy – Micro Organisms (Enja Yellowbird)
  • Adam Nolan – ARE U FREE
  • Julieta Eugenio – STAY
    Ft. Jonathan Barber, Matt Dwonszyk, Leo Genovese
  • Trish Clowes, Ross Stanley – Journey to Where
  • Louis Sclavis – Langues et lueurs – Monsieur Rimbaud je vous le dis droit dans l’âme ce monde est mort y compris la France
  • Cory Weeds, Champian Fulton – Every Now And Then (Cellar Live)
  • Kenny Garrett, Svoy – Who Killed AI?
  • David Schumacher – Smoke In The Sky (Cellar Live)
    Ft. Josh Evans, Manuel Valera, ..
  • Shabaka – Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace (Impulse!)
  • Niklouds – Resilience (U N I T)
    Nikolaus “Niklouds” Holler
  • Steve Dyer – Enhlizweni – song stories from my heartland (Ropeadope)
  • Owen Broder – Hodges: Front and Center, Vol. 2 (Outside in Music)
  • Jared Cathey – Abandoned Ground
  • Amalie Dahl’s Dafnie – Står Op Med Solen
  • PRISM Quartet – Heritage​​​/​​​Evolution, Volume 3
    Ft. Melissa Aldana, Tim Ries, Terell Stafford, Miguel Zenón
  • Gregory Groover Jr – Lovabye (Criss Cross)
    Ft. Joel Ross, Matthew Stevens, Aaron Parks, Vicente Archer, Marcus Gilmore
  • Charles McPherson – Reverence (Smoke Sessions)
    Ft. Terell Stafford, Billy Drummond, ..
  • Kamasi Washington – Fearless Movement
  • Rebecca Trescher – Character Pieces (Enja Yellowbird)
  • Tim Garland – Moment Of Departure (Ubuntu)
  • John O’Gallagher – Beast (Whirlwind)
  • Troy Roberts – Green Lights
    Ft. John Patitucci, Paul Bollenback & Jimmy Macbride
  • Jasmine Myra – Rising (Gondwana)
  • Benjamin Koppel, Brian Blade, Anders Koppel – Time Again
  • Mike Murley & Jerry Bergonzi – Murgonzley (amm)
  • Sylvain Beuf – Long Distance
  • Yedo Gibson – Conic Tube (Relative Pitch)
  • Jason Robinson – Ancestral Numbers I (Playscape)
    Ft. Drew Gress, Ches Smith, ..
  • Kevin Sun – The Fate of the Tenor (Endectomorph)
  • Nicole McCabe – Mosaic (Ghost Note)
  • Louis Sclavis, Sébastien Boisseau, Jean-Paul Delore – Langues et lueurs – Monsieur Rimbaud je vous le dis droit dans l’âme ce monde est mort y compris la France
  • Gianfranco Menzella – Dedicated to Bob Berg
  • Melissa Aldana – Echoes Of The Inner Prophet (Blue Note)
    Ft. Lage Lund, Fabian Almazan, Pablo Menares, Kush Abadey
  • Dayna Stephens – Closer Than We Think (Cellar Live)
  • Ken Peplowski – unheard bird
    Ft. Terell Stafford, Glenn Zaleski, Peter Washington, Willie Jones III, orchestra
  • Jamie Baum – What Times Are These (Sunnyside)
    Ft. Luis Perdomo, Theo Bleckmann, Sara Serpa, Aubrey Johnson, ..
  • Ivo Perelman, Chad Fowler, Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille – Embracing the Unknown (Mahakala)
  • Josh Johnson – Unusual Object (Northern Spy)
  • Nicola Caminiti – Vivid Tales of a Blurry Self-Portrait


  • TGB – Room 4 (Clean Feed)
  • Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini – GUINGA ( GroundUP)
  • Lis Wessberg – Twain Walking (April)
  • Helge Sunde, Clémence Manachère Unterwasser – Serpents et Échelles (JazzHausMusik)
  • Conrad Herwig – The Latin Side of McCoy Tyner (Savant)
  • Nick Finzer – Legacy (Outside in Music)
    Ft, Renee Rosnes, Rufus Reid, Lewis Nash


  • Julian Lage – Speak To Me (Blue Note)
  • Lage Lund – Ashes
    Ft. Matt Brewer & Tyshawn Sorey
  • Mark Wingfield – The Gathering (Moonjune)
    Ft. Gary Husband, Asaf Sirkis, ..
  • Louis Matute – Small Variations of the Previous Day (Neuklang)
  • Mikael Máni – Guitar Poetry (ACT)
  • Nicola Di Tommaso Trio – Learn Something New (Filibusta)
  • Christian Escoudé, Unit five – Ancrage
  • Chris Standring – As We Think
  • Bill Frisell – Orchestras (Blue Note)
    Ft. Brussels Philharmonic, Umbria Jazz Orchestra
  • Adam Ratner – Nebula Vision
    Ft. David Binney, ..
  • Andreas Varady – Sunrise
  • Vinicius Cantuaria – Psychedelic Rio
  • Philipp Brämswig Trio – Catalyst (u n i t)
  • Henry Kaiser – The Lost Chord – Baritone Guitar Solos
  • Sandro Zerafa – Urban Poetics
  • Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin – Brasil (Candid)


  • Amaro Freitas – Y’Y
    Ft. Hamid Drake, Shabaka Hutchings, Jeff Parker, Aniel Someillan, Brandee Younger
  • Taylor Eigsti – Plot Armor (GroundUp)
    Ft.  Kendrick Scott, Harish Raghavan, Terence Blanchard, Gretchen Parlato, Becca Stevens, Ben Wendel, ..
  • Terrace Martin – Two Drink Minimum (Sounds of Crenshaw/BMG)
    Ft. Ben Williams & Paul Cornish
  • Angelica Sanchez, Chad Taylor – A Monster Is Just an Animal You Haven’t Met Yet
  • Chris Rottmayer – Being (Shifting Paradigm)
    (Ft. Rufus Reid, ..)
  • Spike Wilner Trio – Contrafactus (Cellar Live)
  • Cory Henry – Church
  • Pepe Rivero – Monk en Su Rumba
  • Monty Alexander – D Day (PEEWEE!)
  • Kelly Green – Seems (La Reserve)
  • Sean Fyfe – Stepping Stones (Cellar Live)
    Ft. Dave O’Higgins, ..
  • Aki Takase Trio – Song for Hope (BBE)
  • Aki Takase – Aki Takase Japanic: Forte
  • Noah Haidu – Standards II (Sunnyside)
    Ft. Buster Williams, Billy Hart
  • Fred Hersch – Silent, Listening (ECM)
  • Marta Sánchez, Chris Tordini, Savannah Harris – Perpetual Void (Intakt)
  • Aki Takase, Daniel Erdmann – Ellington (enja yellowbird)
  • Ben Sidran – Rainmaker (Bonsai)
  • Bill Laurance, The Untold Orchestra – Bloom (ACT)
  • Andy Milne & Unison – Time Will Tell (Sunnyside)
  • Marc Méan Fields – Mist (u n i t)
  • Simon Nabatov Quartet, Ralph Alessi – Lovely Music (Clean Feed)
  • Søren Nørbo, Wadada Leo Smith, Kresten Osgood – Dét, som ikke kan kaldes tilbage
  • Michel Camilo, Tomatito – Spain Forever Again (Universal)
  • Amina Figarova, Matsiko World Orphan Choir – Suite For Africa
    Ft. Wayne Escoffery, Platteau, Alex Pope Norris, Yasushi Nakamura, Rudy Royston
  • Brad Mehldau – After Bach II (Nonesuch)
  • Brad Mehldau – Après Fauré (Nonesuch)
  • Yelena Eckemoff – Romance of the Moon
    Ft. Paolo Fresu, ..
  • Jake Hart – Collage (Sunnyside)
  • Olga Reznichenko Trio – Rhythm Dissection (Traumton)
  • Alan Broadbent – Jazz Funk
  • Enrico Pieranunzi, André Ceccarelli, Diego Imbert – FAURÉVER (A Tribute to Gabriel Fauré)
  • Matthew Shipp – New Concepts in Piano Trio Jazz (ESP Disk’)
  • George Colligan – You’ll Hear It (La Reserve)


  • Joachim Govin – Tree Volume 2 (Fresh Sound New Talent)
  • Reza Askari, ROAR, Christopher Dell – Zen World Cables (Galileo)
  • Christian McBride, Edgar Meyer – But Who’s Gonna Play the Melody? (Mack Avenue)
  • Arild Andersen, Daniel Sommer, Rob Luft – As Time Passes (April)
  • Luke Stewart – Unknown Rivers (Pi)
    Ft. Chad Taylor, ..
  • Peter Herbert – Naked Bass II


  • Willy Rodriguez – Seeing Sounds (Outside in Music)
    Ft. Jason Palmer, Leo Genovese, John Hébert, Dave Liebman, ..
  • Florian Arbenz, Ivo Neame – Conversation #11 & #12: ON!
  • Dominic Egli, PLURISM – UMHLANGANO (u n i t)
  • Stefano Paolini – Modern Jazz Drumming, Vol. 1
  • Dan Weiss – Even Odds
    (Miguel Zenón, Matt Mitchell)
  • Jharis Yokley – Sometimes, Late At Night
  • Jamie Murray – Evolution
    Ft. David Binney, ..
  • Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprop – A Canadian Songbook
  • Kevin Walter Murphy – Hypothesis
  • Jasper Hoiby – 3Elements: Like Water (Edition)


  • Alexis Valet – Following the Sun (Jazz & People)
    Ft. Dayna Stephens, Aaron Parks, ..
  • Behn Gillece – Stick Together (Posi-Tone)
    Ft. Art Hirahara, Boris Kozlov, Rudy Royston
  • Flip Philipp – Muse


  • JohnnyLaSalsa – Soul Times
  • Tomeka Reid Quartet – 3+3 (Cuneiform)
    (Jason Roebke, Mary Halvorson, Tomas Fujiwara)
  • Mazz Swift – The 10000 Things: Praise Songs for the iRiligious
  • Meg Okura & Kevin Hays – Lingering (Adhyâropa)


  • Louise Jallu – Jeu
  • Grégoire Maret, Romain Collin – Ennio (ACT)
  • Maria Reich – INTERDEPENDENZEN (Relative Pitch)


  • Amanda Whiting – The Liminality of Her
  • Alina Bzhezhinska & Tony Kofi – Altera Vita (BBE)


  • Frank Carlberg Large Ensemble – Elegy for Thelonious (Sunnyside)
    Ft, Leo Genovese, ..
  • SFJazz Collective – Twenty Year Retrospective, Vol. 3
    Ft. Chris Potter, David Sánchez, Mike Rodriguez, Warren Wolf, Edward Simon, Matt Brewer, Kendrick Scott
  • Miklós Lukács Cimbiosis Trio, Ligeti Ensemble – Responses to Ligeti (BMC)
  • The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra – Outre
  • Geoff Stradling and the StradBand – Nimble Digits (Origin)
  • Cassie Kinoshi, NikNak, London Contemporary Orchestra – gratitude (International Anthem)
  • Lyder Røed, OJKOS – Freespace (Jazzland)
  • BujazzO – 35 Years – Bundesjazzorchester (Double Moon)
  • Dal Sasso Big Band, Christophe Dal Sasso – Chick Corea’s “Three Quartets” Revisited (Jazz & People) –  Ft. Stéphane Guillaume, Rick Margitza, Thomas Savy, Nicolas Folmer, Pierre de Bethmann
  • Sant Andreu Jazz Band – Jazzing 14 Vol.1
  • Fernando Huergo Big Band – Relentless (Whaling City Sound)
  • Jihye Lee Orchestra – Infinite Connections (Motema)
    Ft. Ambrose Akinmusire, Jason Rigby, Alan Ferder, ..
  • Cccn Jazz Orchestra, Hendrik Meurkens, Carlomagno Araya – Big Band Brasil
    Ft. Diego Urcola, Paquito D’Rivera, Ismael Vergara, ..
  • Monday Orchestra – Un Poco Loco (The Music of Bud Powell)
  • James McGowan Ensemble – Reaching Out
  • Sant Andreu Jazz Band & Joan Chamorro – Jazzing 14 Vol. 2


  • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Kahil El’Zabar – Open Me, A Higher Consciousness of Sound and Spirit
  • WDR Big Band, John Goldsby, Hans Dekker – Small Group Sessions – Pure Imagination
  • One For All – Big George (Smoke Sessions)
    Ft. Jim Rotondi, Eric Alexander, Steve Davis, David Hazeltine, John Webber, Joe Farnsworth, George Coleman
  • Hilde – Tide (Galileo)
  • Alliance – Alliance (Shifting Paradigm)
    Ft. Sharel Cassity, ..
  • Daggerboard – Escapement (Wide Hive)
    Ft. Henry Franklin, Erik Jekabson, Matt Clark, Gregory Howe, Mike Clark
  • Kobe Gregoir Group and Danielle Zawadi – Co-Motion (W.E.R.F.)
  • Peela – Notbad (Eclipse)
  • Disaster Pony – Disaster Pony
    Ft. Gordon Hyland, ..
    Ft. Erik Ritfeld, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, ..
  • Flat Earth Society – The ONE
  • Ill Considered – Precipice (New Soil)
  • Jembaa Groove – Ye Ankasa | We Ourselves (Agogo)
  • Duo Voltige – Maiden Flight (u n i t)
    Ft. Kerstin Haberecht and Lukas Roos
  • Hamrå Orkester – 32,8 (Prophone/Naxos)
  • Bright Dog Red – Hegemonitized (Ropeadope)
  • Bright Dog Red – Bad Magic (Ropeadope)
  • Natural Artefacts – Signs and Symbols
  • Nick Dunston (b) – COLLA VOCE
  • ButterNote – BN (7 is the New 4)
  • Badbadnotgood – Mid Spiral: Chaos
  • Badbadnotgood – Mid Spiral: Order
  • Badbadnotgood – Mid Spiral: Growth
  • Borderlands Trio  – Rewilder (Intakt)
    Ft. Stephan Crump, Kris Davis & Eric McPherson
  • Snarky Puppy & Metropole Orkest – Sylva (Remixed & Remastered) (GroudUP)
  • El Comité – Carrousel (Virgin)
  • The Brkn Record – The Architecture of Oppression Part 2 (BBE)
    Ft. Jake Ferguson, ..
  • Sean Khan, The Modern Jazz & Folk Ensemble – Sean Khan Presents The Modern Folk & Jazz Ensemble (Acid Jazz)
  • GUICollective – Le Grand Tango


  • Jacob Collier – Djesse Vol. 4 (Decca)
  • Ledisi – Good Life (BMG)
  • Moor Mother – The Great Bailout
  • Sly5thAve – Liberation (Tru Thoughts)
  • Moodset – Let’s Talk (Urban Garden)
  • Monsieur MÂLÂ – Monsieur MÂLÂ (Bridge The Gap)
  • GoGo Penguin – From the North – GoGo Penguin Live in Manchester
  • Bread & Souls, Mark De Clive Lowe – A Family Gathering Chapter 2
  • Oriana Ikomo – THE HEALING
  • De-Phazz – Pit Sounds
  • John Lurie – Painting with John (Music from the Original TV Series)
  • Anoushka Shankar – Chapter II: How Dark It Is Before Dawn (BMG)
  • Blue Lab Beats – Blue Eclipse (Decca)
  • Herandu – Ocher Red (Hive Mind)
  • Nubiyan Twist – Find Your Flame (Strut)
  • EABS – Reflections of Purple Sun
  • Tigeroak – Stay Close (April)
  • musclecars – Sugar Honey Iced Tea!
  • Riff Kitten – Chaos Parade
  • Emile Londonien – Three Roses
  • Hamilton Jordan – Project Freedom
  • Kassa Overall – Live at Third Man Records
  • Meshell Ndegeocello – Red Hot & Ra: The Magic City
    Ft. Immanuel Wilkins, Marshall Allen, ..
  • Alicia Olatuja and Michael Olatuja – OLATUJA (Whirlwind)
    Ft. Christian Sands, Obed Calvaire, …

FEATURING GREEK ARTISTS (visit keepjazzin.gr)

  • Konstantinos Stouraitis (g), Panagiotis Smarnakis – Red Room (Irida)
  • Andreas Hourdakis (g) –  Report to Keftiu
  • Vasilis Xenopoulos (ts), Paul Edis – Feels Like Home (Ubuntu)
  • Greg Foat, Sokratis Votskos (bcl, fl), Warren Hampshire, Ayo Salawu – Live at Villa Maximus, Mykonos
  • Hippomaniacs – Hippomaniacs EP
    Ft. Yiannis Kassetas (ts), Panos Giotis Svobotnik, Giorgos Kostopoulos, Yiannis Papadoulis
  • Lefteris Kordis (p) – Aquarelles: Celebrating the Inner Child
  • Markos Chaidemenos (p) – The Day After
  • Nicky Kokkoli (as) – Project Nascence

Modernjazz.gr and Imitonios wish you a nice summer!