2019 Jazz Releases, Vol. VI

June proved to be a serious month, but not necessarily difficult. It has brought to light several interesting and creative works, by musicians striving to develop their personal style, and if it is possible, to push jazz further, offering also positive energy to the jazz community and to humanity, in general. At least, they deserve a careful listening!

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Some notes about the albums:

Peter Furlan – Between the Lines
Label: Beany Bops
Country: NY, USA
Genre: Contemporary jazz, soul-jazz, jazz-funk 
Review: On the Turntable
Listen: Deezer, Spotify

Saxophonist and composer Peter Furlan is inspired by his favorite literary readings and along with his powerful tentet, artfully lift up the spirit

The Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet – The Rhythm of Invention
Label: Patois Records
Country: San Francisco, USA
Genre: Latin Jazz
Review: Press release
Listen: Deezer, Spotify

An important figure of the latin-jazz scene, experienced trombonist Wayne Wallace, with his quintet and a host of collaborators, present latinized standards and original compositions

Yiannis Kassetas – The Sleepwalker (single)
Label: Puzzlemusik
Country: Athens, GR
Genre: Contemporary  jazz
Review: Press Release
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Soundcloud

Α catchy tune, with a descriptive intention, by saxophonist and composer Yannis Kassetas and his ten-member ensemble, consisting of remarkable Greek musicians

Brad Turner -Jump Up
Label: Cellar Live
Country: Vancouver, CA
Genre: Contemporary  jazz, post-bop

Listen: Deezer, Spotify

Original compositions and advanced soli, by award-winning trumpeter Brad Turner’s quartet, featuring Seamus Blake on tenor sax

Judy Bailey’s Jazz Connection – Big Band…!
Label: Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC)
Country: Sydney, AU
Genre: Contemporary  jazz, big band
Review: ABC Jazz
Listen: Deezer, Spotify

Contemporary stuff, by Judy Bailey’s Jazz Connection, a band of talented students and rising musicians, guided by experienced pianist and composer Judy Bailey, who does an important artistic and educational work

Modell, Soderstrom & James – Battle Not With Monsters
Label: Impeti
Country: Washington DC,  USA
Genre: Fusion
Review: Their own words
Listen: Deezer, Spotify

Rhythmic adventures, plus some extra harmonic content,  by Jon Modell (dr), Nick Soderstrom (el.bass), Colin James (keys)

Tim Hagans Quintet – Eternal Forge
Label:  Amm
Country: International
Genre: Modern jazz, post-bop

Listen: Deezer, Spotify

Top-class jazz with excellent phraseology, precision and comfort in fast tempi, or some genius  abstraction, when necessary, from the 65 y.o. American trumpeter Tim Hagans, (see Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard, Thad Jones), the young Polish saxophonist Marek Konarski (like Jerry Bergonzi) and the sought-after Danish trio by Carl Winther (p), Johnny Aman (b), Anders Mogensen (dr)

Matt Choboter Band – Spillimacheen
Label:  Inner Circle Music
Country: Vancouver, CA
Genre: Modern jazz
Review: Textura
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Bandcamp

Pianist and composer Matt Choboter‘s quintet provides rich music action and continuous interest, sounding pretty much like a bigger band. Featuring Simon Millerd (tp), Maxime Rheault-Trembley (g), Cole Birney-Stewart (b), Andrew Thomson (dr)

Aldorande –  Aldorande
Label: Favorite Recordings
Country: Paris,  FR
Genre: Jazz-funk, fusion, electronic
Review: Beat Caffeine
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Bandcamp

A bright sonic atmosphere originated from seventies jazz-funk, by Virgile Raffaëlli (b, leader), Mathieu Edouard (dr), Erwan Loeffel (perc), Florian Pellissier (keys), a guest saxophonist and some vocals

Michael Ragonese – Day to Day
Label: 1224393 Records DK2
Country: Los Angeles, USA
Genre:  Modern jazz
Review: All About Jazz 
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Bandcamp

Dense structures and adventurous playing, by the rising pianist Michael Ragonese and his equally talented collaborators, Shai Golan (as), Walter Smith III (ts), Luca Alemanno (b) and Anthony Fung (dr)

Terkel Nørgaard – With Ralph Alessi
Label: We Jazz Records
Country: Copenhagen, DK / Helsinki, FIN
Genre: Modern jazz, avant-garde jazz
Review: All About Jazz
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Bandcamp

The elegant style of the renowned American trumpeter Ralph Alessi fits perfectly with the transparent forms that Danish drummer and composer Terkel Nørgaard sketches with his trio

Pureum Jin – The Real Blue
Label:  Cellar Live
Country: Korea / USA
Genre: Straight-ahead jazz
Review: Jazziz
Listen: Deezer, Spotify

On her first album, serious, well-trained and comfortable, Pureum Jin, with her nice, full sound on alto saxophone, makes a good impression

Different Flavors – Out To Dinner
Label: Posi-Tone Records
Country: NY, USA
Genre: Contemporary jazz
Review: Press release
Listen: Deezer, Spotify

This pretty good, standard jazz style gets some more, special color, as the vibraphone replaces the piano. Featuring the acclaimed Tim Green (as), Michael Dease (trb), Behn Gillece (vib), Boris Kozlov (b), Rudy Royston (dr)

Elusive – Bonsai Tree
Label: Dome Of Doom
Country: California, USA
Genre: experimental hip-hop, electronic, ambient
Review: In Search of Media
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Bandcamp

Trendy and artistic everyday sound for multiple uses, by musician and producer Aaron Koslow (aka Elusive) and guests

Luciel – …And That’s All I Remember
Label:  Herzog Records
Country: Hamburg, DE
Genre: neo-soul, funk, soul, alt. pop
Review: Jazzthing 
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Bandcamp

Luciel are the two brothers David and Florian Rynkowski (vocals, keys, bass), with Philipp Brämswig (g) and Tim Dudek (dr), who “share their vision and passion for great hand made pop music”,  while sometimes can be more complicated, showing their true potential and modern aesthetics

Ludovic Ernault – Dreamland
Label:  Fresh Sound New Talent
Country: Videlles, France
Genre: Modern jazz, new jazz
Review: Que Faire à Paris 
Listen: Deezer, Spotify

Young alto saxophonist Ludovic Ernault  is cool and up to-date, with suitable compositions and sophisticated blowing. Featuring also Enzo Carniel (p), Florent Nisse (b) and Simon Bernier (dr)

Chris Walker – We’re In This Love Together / Celebrating Al Jarreau
Label:  CCW Global, Inc.
Country: USA
Genre: Smooth jazzSoul
Review: A Medium Corporation
Listen: Deezer, Spotify

Chris Walker, bass player, singer and music director of Al Jarreau’s band, plus a multitude of famous musicians of the jazz and soul scene, make a glamorous tribute to the recently lost soul legend. Ιt’s expected to be among the hits of this summer!

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