2019 Jazz Releases, Vol. V

“The Best is the enemy of the Good” and this was the deep meaning of the season, also confirmed by the releases of the month. So, we ought to be content with what we have, as Jazz is one more homomorphism of the Universe, which, according to valid information, continues to expand. Beware of the black holes and the best is just to come:


(the two playlists are not identical, as Spotify is short of one album)

Here are some few words and links, concerning about the albums that make up the playlist:

Tank and The Bangas – Green Balloon
(alt R&B, jazz, hip-hop) – [NPR Review][Allmusic Review]

With Robert Glasper among the co-producers of the album, Tarriona “Tank” Ball and her group express themselves with creativity, in the musical idiom of our time, drawing positive reviews and relevant promotion


Wanubalé – Strange Heat
(jazz, funk, dub) – Berlin [Review]


Α collective of nine young jazz musicians refining the club culture



Ed Palermo Big Band – A Lousy Day in Harlem
(contemporary jazz, big band) – NY – [Bandcamp][Downbeat Review]

New arrangements of standards and more originals from experienced arranger, composer and trumpeter Ed Palermo’ s Big Band, trying to keep it funny  and interesting



Eduardo Sandoval – Más trombón que nunca
(latin jazz) – Cuba

Trombonist Eduardo Sandoval’s melodic playing is supported by a solid latin rhythm-section



Daniel Weltlinger Quartet – Szolnok
(classical, jazz, folk)

A rich violin repertoire on a jazz background by demonic, coming from Hungary Daniel Weltlinger and his quartet



The Justus Brothers – The Justus Brothers
(smooth jazz, funk) – Memphis – [PerfectMusicToday Review]

Life can be simple, as long as we follow the straight path..




Kalya Ramu – Living in a Dream
(vocal jazz) – Toronto – [About] – [Review]

Very sweet and accurate, Kalya Ramu reminds us of the young “Divine Sarah”



Gilad Hekselman – Further Chaos
(modern jazz, fusion)

The renowned, sophisticated guitarist Gilad Hekselman with the gentle and adventurous sound, released the sequel to “Ask for Haos” (2018), performing in an acoustic or electric trio. Dayna Stephens is guest saxophonist


Esperanza Spalding – 12 Little Spells (Deluxe Edition)
(modern jazz, alt. pop, vocal) – [Allmusic Review]

In her latest project, the charismatic Esperanza, with 12 little spells (16 in Deluxe Edition), releases music energy out of every part of her body!



Noah Preminger – After Life
(modern jazz, post-bop) – Boston – [Downbeat]

Prominent 32 y.o. saxophonist and composer Noah Preminger, seems to have followed Joe Lovano’s tracks

With Jason Palmer (tr), Max Light (g), Kim Cass (b), Rudy Royston (dr)


Joel Ross –  KingMaker
(modern jazz) – [Review]

23 y.o. Joel Ross is the new star of the vibraphone and BlueNote invests on him. We have already listened to him on the excellent Modern Flows, Vol. 2  (2018) by Marquis Hill.
With Immanuel Wilkins (as), Jeremy Corren (p), Benjamin Tiberio (b), Jeremy Dutton (dr), Gretchen Parlato (guest voc.)

Miryam Latrece – Quiero Cantarte
(vocal jazz, bossa, flamenco) – Spain 

The warm and tender voice of promising 24 y.o.  Miryam Latrece, reminds of Luciana Souza’s or Gretchen Parlato’s cool style, as it emerges out of elegant arrangements of well-known songs



Theo Croker – Star People Nation
(new jazz) – L.A. – [DL Media Music]

Trumpeter Theo Croker is among the acclaimed “new jazz” artists, which play their modal, hip-hop poly-rhythms, the so called “everyday rituals of blackness”


Miguel Gorodi Nonet – Apophenia
(modern jazz) – U.K.  [Allaboutjazz Review]

Talented trumpeter and composer Miguel Gorodi’s Nonet, in compositions, arrangements and soli, of great rhythmic and harmonic interest


Brad Mehldau – Finding Gabriel
(new jazz, fusion, electronic, ambient) – [About]

Adroit pianist Brad Mehldau, who earned his reputation playing with his acoustic trio, now can be considered as one of the spearheads of modern jazz. On this album, he builds a Biblical atmosphere of modern sounds, together with a host of renowned collaborators. Our playlist includes the most complex tune of the album, The Prophet Is a Fool, which has been immediately acclaimed by social media

Reginald Chapman – Hoodie (Remixes)
(new jazz, funk, hip-hop) – [Bandcamp] – [Downbeat Review]

Remixes of “Hoodie”, a tune from Prototype (2018), an album by the groovy trombonist Reginald Chapman



David Kikoski – Phoenix Rising
(contemporary jazz) – [HighNote Rec.]

Virtuosity and experience frees expression, ensures quality and gives sense to the contemporary mainstream

David Kikoski (p), Eric Alexander (ts), Peter Washington (b), Joe Fansworth (dr)

ARI HOENIG TRIO – Conner’s Days
(modern jazz, post-bop) – NY – [Fresh Sound Records]

Imaginative and rhythmically enriched transcriptions of standards and other original compositions, by Nitai Hershkovits (p), Or Bareket (b) and Ari Hoenig (dr), who practice the art of piano jazz-trio
(Unfortunately, this album is not available on Spotify, so we have a tune of it only on Deezer’s  playlist)

Walt Weiskopf – European Quartet Worldwide
(contemporary jazz) – [Bandcamp] – [Allaboutjazz Review]

With his special sound, full of colors, feel, dexterity and energy,  the 57 y.o.  Walt Weiskopf, is a significant figure on tenor saxophone, focusing on “in-playing”,  along with the famous Danish trio by Carl Winther (p),  Andreas Lang (b) and Anders Mogensen (dr)


Tyler, The Creator – IGOR
(alt. rap) – [Billboard Review] –  [Allmusic Review]

A representative of the West Coast alternative rap/hip-hop scene, Tyler Okomna (Tyler, the Creator) makes songs in a poetic and philosophical mood, while a Grammy nomination for his last year’s Flower boy has increased his popularity


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