Marquis Hill – Modern Flows, Vol. 2

“Together with Marquis Hill and his trumpet, New Jazz rises on the throne of modern mainstream”

– As an already mature style, “New Jazz” incorporates all the African-American Jazz and R&B/Soul/Funk tradition and claims a wider, mostly young audience, familiar with the hip-hop, this dominant beat of our era, which, here, in its jazz version, is used in the long run, constantly evolving by modern rhythm sections.
With its enriched chords, new jazz likes to avoid the continuous changes of classic jazz harmony, ensuring a cursive flow that does not sound like dated modal; Besides, bass-lines, coming out from the great school of fusion, form its groovy posture.
Thus, although not commercial, it can be listened to easily, because it is straight but not boring, powerful but not tiring, cool but not under-stimulating, melodic but not trivial, smart but not showy, dark but not depressing, conscious but not utopian, and, above all, it comes with a youthful grace, sourcing directly out from the DNA of black music.
Regarding Modern Flows, Vol. 2, is a significant “new jazz” case where modern jazz, post-bop and hip-hop, are combined with artistry and inspiration, as far as Hill says they are all the same kind of music. And after that album, I think it’s time for this Chicagoan young artist to gain all the recognition he deserves! His skillful playing is sweet, balanced and intriguing, his compositions are pretty and sophisticated, as well. He has already released five personal albums and also holds a great distinction, the first prize in the “2014 Thelonius Monk competition”, plus the title of the “Rising Star for trumpet in the 2016 DownBeat Critics Poll”! Read an extensive review from Urban Music Scene and after a throughout, 15 tracks listening, I believe you might consider my enthusiasm justified!

The highly satisfying quintet, with a super comping by vibraphone, in place of piano, consists of Marquis Hill (tp) and the talented Josh Johnson (as), Joel Ross (vib), Junius Paul (b), and Jonathan Pinson (dr), with special guests  Braxton Cook και Rachel Robinson (voc), plus rappers M’Reld Green and King Legend 

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