Stavros Manthos – Colors in Motion

With a particularly emphatic sound on the alto saxophone, his dynamic quartet and seven original compositions, Stavros Manthos, on his debut album, makes an impression!

Watch the video first, my comments follow soon after..

As you can see, “The man means what he says!” Personally, it reminds me of Kenny Garrett and Arthur Blythe. When you listen to the title track of the album, “Colors in Motion“, you will also notice Pharoah Sanders’ influence.
The whole album is overflowing with the same musicality and energy. Our young saxophonist, a young Taurus – also a civil engineer who makes a living as a mathematics teacher – plays neatly and confidently, expressively and persistently, making creative use of his post-bop and modal jazz influences from the seventies.
His tropical melodies and his smart, well-designed solos are characterized by these long-lasting notes, connected with small, quick passages. These are the ones that give the intense color and the clear tonal meaning, while leaving enough room for the rhythm section to shine with a tight and equally riveting drive.
Conscious Eric Panagopoulos is on guitar, exuberant and imposing Alexis Delis on the acoustic bass, and elegant and inventive Panagiotis Kostopoulos on the drums.
I’m so happy that the Greek jazz scene has begun to acquire such unique artists. Listening to the entire album is surely worth it!

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