2020 Jazz Releases, Vol. VI

Modernjazz.gr celebrates its four years of presence on the web, and a question arises regarding the reason why we need another playlist of “New Jazz Releases” since it is predicted to be as despairingly amazing as all the previous ones.
I will consider these self-destructive tendencies to be a sigh of the times and I will oppose them, adopting the observer’s attitude. Modernjazz.gr is a product of evolution, meaning streaming services and social media, which, somehow unconsciously, brought my digital music library, from my PC with the mp3s arranged in Windows Media Player, in public view on the Web. Imperfect organization, increased consumption of time and the need for constant updates remain the main problems of this activity.
In the field of aesthetics, young artists and 21st century’s styles are the first ones been recommended, however not with the negligence of big names and relevant productions that demand attention. Although no completely new trend is emerging at the moment, diversity is saving the game.
But love someday ends. It remains to be seen how far love and devotion can take us, with the hope of no prohibitively significant collateral losses. So, let’s take advantage of the promising benefits of faith, and wish that the Spirit of Jazz keeps in mind the urgent need of making the world a better place. – Imitonios

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(misses two tracks)

This time I will not make my own comments. However, necessary links are available to serve the needs of information

Orlando le Fleming – Romantic Funk: The Unfamiliar
Genre: Modern jazz, fusion, post-bop
Label: Whirlwind Recordings
Place: New York
Reviews: JazzTrail, JazzWeekly, MakingAScene
Listen: BandcampDeezer, Spotify

Orlando le Fleming (b), Philip Dizack (tp), Will Vinson (as), Sean Wayland (keys) Kush Abadey (dr), Nate Wood (dr)

Genre: Rap/hip-hop, Beats, Jazz-hop
Label: Washington Classics
Place: London, UK
Reviews: AcademyofContemporaryMusic
Listen: BandcampDeezer, Spotify, YouTube

Funky DL (MC, Producer)

Charlie Ballantine – Vonnegut
Genre: Modern jazz, fusion
Label: Green Mind Records
Place: Indianapolis, Indiana
Reviews: JazzCorner
Listen: BandcampDeezer, Spotify, YouTube

Charlie Ballantine (g), Amanda Gardier (as), Rob Dixon (ts), Mina Keohane (p), Jesse Wittman (b), Cassius Goens III (dr)

Calixto Oviedo – Latin Funk
Genre: Latin jazz, timba, funk, smooth jazz
Label: DDE Records
Place: Cuba
Reviews: SolarLatinClub
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, YouTube

Calixto Oviedo (dr)

Simon Moullier – Spirit Song
Genre: Modern jazz, post-bop
Label: Outside in Music
Place: New York
Reviews: LondonJazzNews, AllAboutJazz
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, YouTube

Simon Moullier (vbr), Dayna Stephens or Morgan Guerin (sax),  Isaac Wilson or Simon Chivallon (p), Luca Alemanno (b), Jongkuk Kim (dr)

Blue Note Re:imagined – Blue Note Re:imagined
Genre: Nu-Jazz, Neo-soul/R&B, Jazz-hop
Label: Decca (UMO)
Place: UK
Reviews: LondonJazzNews, AllAboutjazz
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, YouTube

Blue Note Re:imagined 

Christian Sands – Be Water
Genre: Contemporary jazz, post-bop
Label: Mack Avenue Records
Place: USA
Reviews: AllAboutJazz, JazzTrailDownBeat
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, YouTube

Christian Sands (p), Yasushi Nakamura (b), Clarence Penn (dr), ft. Sean Jones, Marcus Strickland, Steve Davis

Maria João, OGRE Electric – Open Your Mouth
Genre: Vocal, electronic
Label: Espuma Preta
Place: Lisbon, Portugal
Reviews: PrestoJazz, ThePhoenixRemix
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, YouTube

Maria João (voc)

Diana Krall – This Dream Of You
Genre: Vocal jazz
Label: Verve
Place: USA
Reviews: JazzWise, AmericanSongWriter
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, YouTube

Katalyst – Nine Lives
Genre: Nu-jazz, Jazz-hop, Instrumental Hip-Hop, Beats
Label: World Galaxy / Alpha Pup Records
Place: Los Angeles
Listen: BandcampDeezer, Spotify, YouTube

Katalyst (band)

Clapophonic – Rooftop
Genre: Modern jazz
Label: Inmelo Music
Place: Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
Reviews: HHV
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, YouTube

Josua Beureux (dr)

César Orozco & Kamarata Jazz – Rooted Forward
Genre: Latin jazz
Label: Cesar Orozco
Place: USA
Reviews: MakingAScene, LatinJazzNet
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, YouTube

César Orozco (p)

Lionel Loueke – HH
Genre: Jazz, Guitar
Label: Edition Records
Place: New York
Reviews: EditionRecords, AllAboutJazz, JinaLovesJazz
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, YouTube

Lionel Loueke (g, voc)

Sylvie Courvoisier Trio – Free Hoops
Genre: Avant-garde jazz
Label: Intakt Records
Place: Brooklyn
Reviews: AllAboutJazz, JazzTrail, Intakt
Listen: BandcampDeezer, Spotify

Sylvie Courvoisier (p), Drew Gress (b), Kenny Wollesen (dr)

Ralph Peterson and The Messenger Legacy – Onward and Upward
Genre: Hardbop, postbop
Label: Onyx Music Label
Place: Weymouth, Massachusetts
Reviews: AllAboutJazz, JazzTimes
Listen: Bandcamp Deezer, Spotify, YouTube

Ralph Peterson (dr)

Andreas Hourdakis – Underworld
Genre: Modern jazz, fusion
Label: Bolero Recordings
Place: Stockholm
Reviews: LondonJazzNews, Marlband
Listen: Bandcamp Deezer, Spotify, YouTube

Andreas Hourdakis (g)

ART the BAND – ART the Band
Genre: Jazz-funk, fusion
Label: ART the Band
Place: Toronto, Ontario
Listen: Bandcamp Deezer, Spotify

ART the BAND (band)

Jett Tachibana – The Third Floor
Genre: Modern jazz, avant-garde, beats, electronics
Label: Jett Tachibana
Place: Maine, USA
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, YouTube

Jett Tachibana (sax, producer)

Enjoy the playlist on music streaming services:

(misses two tracks)

Find below a list of many other remarkable new releases (links to Deezer)









  • Joel Ross – Who Are You? (Blue Note)
    [ft. Immanuel Wilkins..]
  • Chien Chien Lu – The Path
    [ft. Jeremy Pelt]