2021 Jazz Releases, Vol. 5

It’s widely known that jazz is an insufferable music genre that persists, mostly because those who play it are having a really good time! As an old friend used to say, “Those guys aren’t playing music, they’re just practicing” 🙂
Thanks to the music education industry, all “those” people increase in number, composing the majority of the genre’s young audience.
There’s also a group of devotees who like jazz, just because they do not understand it, confirming the saying “If you understand it, it’s not jazz!”.
Let’s not forget to mention those who love that renowned “jazz feeling”, an endangered species, as some
old-timers can inform us.
Therefore, if you don’t categorize yourself in any of the aforementioned cases and you still insist on listening to this ambitious playlist with summer production choices of the last trimester, that’s fine!
You are a brave, impartial, open-minded listener, in search of new thrills! This vast collection is cut out especially for you. Have fun!

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All you would like to know about the 25 albums contributing to the playlist


Panam Panic – Love of Humanity
Genre: Jazz-hop
Label: Melius Prod
Place: Paris, FR
Reviews: FranceMusique
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

French Jazz-hop of excellent quality, by Robin Notte (p, keys), Alexandre Herichon (tp), Lucas Saint-Cricq (sax, fl), Pierre Elgrishi (b), Tao Ehrlich (dr)

Alex Collins, Ryan Berg, Karl Latham – Together
Genre: Contemporary jazz
Label: DropzoneJazz Records
Place: New York
Reviews: ContemporaryFusionReviews
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

Great work on jazz standards by an impressive trio, featuring Alex Collins (p), Ryan Berg (b)Karl Latham (dr)

Dabin Ryu – Wall
Genre: Modern jazz
Label: Dabinryumusic
Place: New York
Reviews: JazzIz
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

College originated modern jazz, by the talented South Korean pianist, composer, arranger Dabin Ryu and her (unmentioned) colleagues

Spencer Evans – Spencer Evans
Genre: Jazz-blues, funk
Label: Full Frequency Productions
Place: Kingston, UK
Reviews: KingstonLive
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

Spencer Evans is a good, entertaining pianist who also plays the clarinet

Bernard Lubat – Artisticiel (Cyber-improvisations)
Genre: Avant-garde, experimental
Label: Phonofaune
Place: France
Reviews: FranceMusique, JazzHalo
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

The real-time collaboration between musicians and artificial intelligence is going very well!
Bernard Lubat (p. voc), Gérard Assayag: computer (OMax, SoMax), Marc Chemillier: computer (Djazz)

Art Hirahara – Open Sky
Genre: Post-bop, modern jazz
Label: Posi-Tone Records
Place: NY
Reviews: TheJazzWorld, Posi-Tone, MakingAScene
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

Post-bop and its extensions, by an expert team residing in Posi-Tone Records.
Art Hirahara (p), Boris Kozlov (b), Rudy Royston (dr, perc), Nicole Glover (sax, #5, 8, 10), Behn Gillece (vbr, #4)

Samara Joy – Samara Joy
Genre: Vocal jazz
Label: Whirlwind Recordings
Place: NY
Reviews: LydiaLiebman, JazzWise, AAJ (Interview)
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

Award-winning 21 y.o. Samara Joy McLendon is a new, first-class jazz singer that raises anticipation for even more “divine” performances! Featuring Pasquale Grasso (g), Ari Roland (b), Kenny Washington (dr)

Francesco Ciniglio – The Locomotive Suite
Genre: Modern jazz
Label: Whirlwind Recordings
Place: Paris, FR
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

Skillful and inventive, with a commendable CV, drummer/composer Francesco Ciniglio on his second album with notable collaborators.
Raynald Colom (tp, flg), Matt Chalk (as, arr.), Matteo Pastorino (bcl), Alexis Valet (vibr), Felix Moseholm (b)

Miriam Mandipira – Flashes
Soul jazz, blues, vocal
Label: Gateway Music
Place: Kopenhagen, Denmark
Reviews: JazzKlubben
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

Originally from Zimbabwe, Miriam Mandipira in a classic soul/blues set, featuring Kjeld Lauritsen (Ham. B3), Per Gade (g), Søren Frost (dr)

Nathan-Paul & The Admirables – Funk me
Funk, jazz-funk
Label: Nathan-Paul & The Admirables
Place: Cleveland, US
Reviews: FunkCityNet
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

Playful mood will always be a key element of funk!

Xhosa Cole – K(no)w Them, K(no)w Us
Contemporary jazz
Label: Stoney Lane Records
Place: Birmingham, UK
Reviews: AllAboutjazz, DownBeat, UkVibe
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

With a muscular and adventurous sound on tenor, award-winning 24 y.o. British saxophonist Xhosa Cole plays his favorite jazz classics on his debut album, along with Jay Phelps (tp), James Owston (b), James Bashford (dr), and special guests Soweto Kinch (sax), Reuben James (p)

The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra – The Sirius Mystery opus 4 no.1
Modern jazz, hip-hop, big band
Label: Ropeadope
Place: New York
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

Renowned trumpeter, composer, producer Russell Gunn’s ritualistic band comes with new stories, and Wynton Marsalis as guest

Toronto Music Connection – Future Fragments
Fusion, ethnic jazz, balkan
Label: Toronto Music Connection
Listen: Soundcloud, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

An entertaining band, led by a composer and producer named Fote Vasilevski

Adrián Moncada 6tet – Inhabitable Imagination
Genre: Modern jazz
Label: Adrián Moncada
Place: Amsterdam
Reviews: JazzTrail, AllAboutJazz
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

“Music and architecture”, by the Spanish pianist and composer Adrián Moncada’s 6tet, featuring Portuguese altoist José Soares, Scottish trumpeter Alistair Payne, Italian bass clarinetist Federico Calcagno, Brazilian double bassist Pedro Ivo Ferreira and Greek drummer Nick Thessalonikefs

Orrin Evans – The Magic of Now
Genre: Post-bop, modern jazz
Label: Smoke Sessions
Place: New York
Reviews: GlideMagazine, JazzTimes, AllAboutJazz, JazzWise, JazzWeekly
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

An intriguing top-level collaboration!
Immanuel Wilkins (as), Orrin Evans (p), Vicente Archer (b), Bill Stewart (dr)

Soulstance, Ana Flora – Brazilian Flow
Genre: Nu jazz, lounge jazz, bossa nova
Label: Irma records
Place: Italy
Reviews: TraxSource
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

Brothers Gianni & Enzo Lo Greco (aka Soulstance) join Brazilian singer Ana Flora for some lounge performances of bossa nova classics

Trineice Robinson – All or Nothing
Genre: Vocal jazz
Label: 4RM Productions
Place: Lawrenceville, NJ
Reviews: OcchiMagazine 
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

On her debut album, 40 y.o. Dr. Trineice Robinson with her great voice performs classical repertoire. Featuring some fine sidemen: Don Braden (ts), Cyrus Chestnut (p), Kenny Davis (b), Vince Ector (dr), along with guests

Brandee Younger – Somewhere Different
Genre: Spiritual jazz, neo-soul, hip-hop
Label: Impulse!
Place: New York
Reviews: JazzTrail, GlideMagazine
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

Acclaimed harpist Brandee Younger sensitively adds the ethereal sound-colors of her instrument on modern, or classic grooves, joined with Rashaan Carter (b), Allan Mednard (dr), and renowned guests, such as Ron Carter (b),  Maurice Brown (tp), Marcus Gilmore (dr), Tarriona ‘Tank’ Ball (voc) and more

Ole Morten Vågan & Trondheim Jazz Orchestra – Plastic Wave
Genre: Modern jazz, avant-garde, big band
Label: ODIN
Place: Trondheim, Norway
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

Bassist and composer Ole Morten Vågan leads the wonderful Trondheim Jazz Orchestra on highly creative paths

Tiawa – Moonlit Train
Genre: r&b/hip-hop/neo-soul
Label: Tru Thoughts
Place: Brighton, UK
Reviews: ScrathedVinyl
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

First full-length album by the Portuguese-born Tiawa, a deep, gentle, captivating voice, on nice, melancholic, contemporary songs

Alex Bone – Falling on Infinity
Genre: Fusion
Label: Bridge The Gap
Place: London
Reviews: RonnieScott
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

Debut album from the young, award-winning saxophonist Alex Bone who expresses himself within an smart electric fusion environment, with Nile Rodgers (g) and Cory Wong (g) as guests

The Lasso, Jordan Hamilton, The Saxsquatch – Tri Magi
Genre: Electronic, hip-hop, beats
Label: Mello Music Group
Place: Michigan
Reviews: Daily.Bandcamp
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

A producer (The Lasso), a cellist (Jordan Hamilton), and a saxophonist (The Saxsquatch) formulate the soundtrack for a dystopian reality

Dean James – GroovySax
Genre: Smooth jazz
Label: Innervision Records
Reviews: SmoothJazzDaily
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

Although smooth jazz is no longer fashionable, it remains an indispensable spice of a decent playlist. This time Dean James is on duty.

Eric Chacón – Cosmic 305
Genre: Fusion, latin, funk, hip-hop
Label: Brocoli Artists
Place: Venezuela
Reviews: UltimasNoticias
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

Flutist/saxophonist Eric Chacón shows knowledge and consistency in the context of his various influences, each time choosing the appropriate collaborators

Papik and Sarah Jane Morris – Let The Music Play
Label: Irma Records
Listen: Deezer, Spotify, Youtube

Mostly known for his collaboration with Mario Biondi, versatile producer, keyboardist and singer Papik (Nerio Poggi), along with Sarah Jane Morris, successfully revive ’80s British soul

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