2022 Jazz Releases, Vol. III

With an emphasis on the main body of jazz, this collection will alleviate our concern for the uncertain future of humanity and the planet! Because, judging by jazz, everything will be alright; young people study this music and play with enthusiasm every style of the past, ensuring continuity and progress. As for its ideological sign and global significance, these have been clarified by the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz and UNESCO.
So let’s move on to our healing practice, which is none other than listening to nice pieces from interesting new releases, reading enlighting information about the performers, and dreaming of a better world akin to that of jazz!

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Get to know what you listen


Aaron Bazzell – Aesthetic
Genre: Contemporary jazz, new jazz
Label: Self Released
Place: Brooklyn, New York
Reviews: MichaelDoherty’sMusicLog, Bman’sBluesReport
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Alto saxophonist Aaron Bazzell‘s debut album sounds fresh and pleasant. Well-known pianist Keith Brown, Jonathan Michel (b) and Brandon Donald (dr) take care of the groove. Rachel Robinson is also participating, by singing the song on the playlist

The Modern Cuban Ensemble – Amo Esta Isla
Genre: Latin jazz, modern jazz
Label: The Modern Cuban Ensemble
Place: Madrid, Spain
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

The new generation brings great Cuban tradition to the present day. The members of the group are Jorge Vistel (tp), Maikel Vistel (as), Ariel Bringuez (ts), Roberto Pacheco (trb), Iván “Melón” Lewis (p), Reinier Elizarde El Negrón (b), Georvis Pico Milian (dr)

KriZ – The Journey Home
Genre: New jazz, jazz-funk
Label: Hunnia Records
Place: Hungary
Reviews: NativeDSD
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Trombonist Krisztian “Kriz” Csapo with a large group of mostly Hungarian fellows, on a solid, lively and modern program

Adam Thomas – Walkin’ Thru
Genre: Contemporary jazz
Label: Self Released
Place: North Texas / London
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Traditional style survives, thanks to the dedication of young talented musicians, such as trombonist Adam Thomas 

Ebi Soda – Honk If You’re Sad
Genre: Βeats, Jazz-hop, electronic
Label: Tru Thoughts
Place: Brighton, UK
Reviews: TruThoughts, GratefulWeb
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

A typical example of youthful British production that describes itself as “UK Jazz”

Joel Ross – The Parable Of The Poet
Genre: Modern jazz
Label: Blue Note Records
Place: New York
Reviews: BlueNote, AllAboutJazz, JazzTrail, Glidemagazine
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

In a rather soft and lyrical mood this time, vibraphone player Joel Ross is on his third album, leading an octet of prominent labelmates: Marquis Hill (tp), Immanuel Wilkins (as), Maria Grand (ts),  Kalia Vandever (trb), Sean Mason (p), Rick Rosato (b), and Craig Weinrib (dr)

Nikos Chatzitsakos – Tiny Big Band
Genre: Big band, vocal jazz
Label: Nikos Chatzitsakos
Place: Berklee, Boston
Reviews: AllAboutJazz, JazzCorner, KeepJazzinGR
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

On his first album as a leader, bassist Nikos Chatzitsakos skillfully arranges classic jazz standards for a 12-member ensemble of young and forward-thinking soloists. Liam Zac sings the three songs of the album

Noah Preminger – Some Other Time (2016/2022)
Genre: Contemporary jazz
Label: Newvelle Records
Place: New York
Reviews: NewvelleRecords, AllAboutJazz, LondonJazzNews
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Like all tenor saxophonists who respect tradition, the charismatic Noah Preminger, 6 years ago, had recorded a (vinyl) disk exclusively with ballads, receiving very good reviews. His partners were Ben Monder (g), John Patitucci (b) and Billy Hart (dr). Now we can enjoy this album on all music streaming services

Ben Markley Big Band & Ari Hoenig – Ari’s Funhouse
Genre: Contemporary jazz, big band
Label: OA2 Records
Place: USA
Reviews: AllAboutJazz, MakingAScene, LydiaLiebman
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

An “A-class” big band, set by pianist and arranger Ben Markley (Denver) and drummer Ari Hoenig (New York), featuring Greg Gisbert (tp) and Peter Sommer (ts), among others

Elisa Rodrigues – Heart Mouth Dialogues (2012/2022)
Genre: Vocal jazz
Label: Jacc Records
Place: Portugal
Reviews: JazzXXI
Listen: Deezer, Spotify

Ten years after their first release, these unique interpretations of jazz standards by Elisa Rodrigues are now available on most music streaming services, drawing in our interest

Anthony Fung – What Does it Mean to be Free?
Genre: Modern jazz
Label: Tye Loon
Place: Los Angeles
Reviews: LydiaLiebman
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Αdventurous Canadian drummer and composer Anthony Fung on his own compositions, together with notable musical friends, David Binney (as), Luca Mendoza (p), Luca Alemanno (b), and other guests

Alaide Costa – O Que Meus Calos Dizem Sobre Mim
Genre: MPB, vocal
Label: Samba Rock Discos
Place: Brazil
Reviews: SoundAndColors, MusicaInstantanea
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Who can resist the magical voice of 86 y.o. Alaide Costa, ideally accompanied by a large orchestra conducted by Pupillo?

John Raymond – Kind Folk – Head Towards the Center
Genre: Modern jazz, post-bop
Label: Fresh Sound New Talent
Place: USA
Reviews: FreshSoundRecords, SomethingElseReviews
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Hinting at influences by Kenny Wheeler and the historical group featuring Lee Konitz, Dave Holland and Bill Frisell, Kind Folk is a pianoless quartet playing modern cool jazz.
John Raymond (tp), Alex LoRe (as), Noam Wiesenberg (b), Colin Stranahan (dr)

Elusive – Virtual Essence
Genre: Beats, electronic
Label: Alpha Pup Records
Place: Los Angeles, California
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Aaron Koslow (aka Elusive) “produces” non-stop and almost always is among our favorites

Nicolas Ziliotto – Inner Chants
Genre: Modern jazz
Label: u n i t
Place: Switzerland
Reviews: HauteÉcoledeMusique
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Award-winning pianist and composer, Nicolas Ziliotto enriches his trio with a string quartet, balancing composition, improvisation and rhythmic elements, while continuing his postgraduate studies at the Haute École de Musique in Lausanne

Louis Sclavis – Les Cadences du Monde
Genre: Avant-garde jazz, classical, folk
Label: JMS Productions
Place: France
Reviews: RadioFrance, HorizonsMusic
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

We need artistic and poetic terms to describe the effortless beauty of emblematic clarinetist Louis Sclavis‘s music. On celli, Annabelle Luis and Bruno Ducret, Keyvan Chemirani on percussion

Tigran Hamasyan – StandArt
Genre: Contemporary jazz
Label: Nonesuch
Place: Los Angeles
Reviews: Nonesuch, AllAboutJazz, JazzTrail
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

For the first time, famous Armenian pianist Tigran Hamasyan tackles jazz standards. In addition to his great virtuosity, he incorporates folk elements into the chord changes, which does not seem to amuse the critics. Featuring Matt Brewer (b), Justin Brown (dr) and Ambrose Akinmusire (tr), Joshua Redman (ts), Mark Turner (ts) as guests

Albert Cirera & Kamarilla – Aquella Cosa
Genre: Free-bop
Label: UnderPool
Place: Barcelona, Spain
Reviews: TomJazz
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Εxcellent free-bop by saxophonist Albert Cirera and his cheerful septet, Kamarilla

Melissa Weikart – Here, There
Genre: Avant-pop, classical, jazz
Label: Northern Spy
Place: Strasbourg, FR
Reviews: HigherPlainMusic, BeatsPerMinute
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Unusual, sophisticated songs by classically trained pianist, singer and composer Melissa Weikart  on her debut album that made an impression

Opus 5 – Swing on This
Genre: Contemporary jazz, post-bop
Label: Criss Cross Jazz
Place: New York
Reviews: CrissCrossJazz, FinancialTimes
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Post-bop is no longer very trendy, but these mature masters, on their 5th album as Opus 5, are still doing their job perfectly.
Alex Sipiagin (tp, flh), Seamus Blake (ts), David Kikoski (p, f.rh), Boris Kozlov (b), Donald Edwards (dr)

Find the playlist below:



More new releases that may need your attention




  • Marquis Hill – New Gospel Revisited (Edition)
    (ft. Walter Smith III, Joel Ross, James Francies, Harish Raghavan, Kendrick Scott)
  • Alex Sipiagin Ascent to the Blues (Posi-Tone)
    (ft. Diego Rivera, Art Hirahara, Boris Kozlov, Rudy Royston)
  • Jason Palmer – Con Alma (SteepleChase)
    (ft. Leo Genovese, Joe Martin, Kendrick Scott)
  • Dave Douglas – Secular Psalms (Greenleaf)
    (ft. Tomeka Reid, ..)
  • Raynald Colom – A Million Dreams (Whirlwind)
    (ft. Joe Sanders, Francesco Ciniglio, ..)
  • Nick Walters – Singularity (D.O.T.)
    (ft. Tenderlonious, ..)
  • Peter Protschka Quintet – Hearts and Minds (Double Moon)
    (ft. Rick Margitza, ..)



  • Steve Davis – Bluesthetic (Smoke Sessions)
    (ft. Steve Nelson, Christian McBride, ..)
  • Kalia Vandever Regrowth
    (ft. Immanuel Wilkins, ..)




  • Michael Bisio Quartet – MBefore (Tao Forms)
    (Karl Berger, Mat Maneri, Whit Dickey)
  • Andreas Waelti – Lowdown (u n i t)
  • Mitch Marcus Quintet – Countdown 2 Meltdown (Jazzcubed)
  • Or Bareket – Sahar (Yellowbird)
  • STEPHANE KERECKI – Out of the Silence (Outnote)
    (ft. Marc Copland, Ralph Alessi, ..)
  • John Lee – The Artist (Cellar Live)
    (ft. Miles Black, Carl Allen, Cory Weeds)
  • Miquel Álvarez – Martinete a Trane (Fresh Sound New Talent)
    (ft. Perico Sambeat, ..)










  • Thomas Mitrousis (g)The Seed
    (ft. Kostas Yaxoglou, Paraskevas Kitsos, Dimitris Klonis)
  • George Kontrafouris (p) Trio – Deep South (Puzzlemusik)
    (ft. Babis Tyropoulos, ..)
  • Jako Organ Trio Safe Place
    (ft. Iakovos Symeonidis, George Kontrafouris, Giannis Papadoulis, Dimitris Tsakas)
  • Zikoyiannis Yiorgos (b)The Odds Album
    (ft. Theo Kapilidis, ..)
  • Dimitris Angelakis (vbr) – Long Way Home
    (ft. George Kontrafouris, Kimon Karoutzos, Jason Wastor)
  • Spiral TRIO – Broken Blue
    (Spyros Manesis, Arionas Gyftakis, Anastasis Gouliaris)
  • Melina Paxinos (ss)Time
    (ft. Yannis Papadopoulos, Ntinos Manos, Dimitris Klonis, Andreas Polyzogopoulos)
  • Giovanni Mirabassi (p), Christos Rafalides (vbr) Silver Lining
  • Mik Attal (b)Planet 432
  • Martha Moreleon – Loca fantasia