2023 Jazz Releases, Vol. 1

Twenty-three beautiful tracks from this year’s harvest, chosen once again to have something that can both speak to the heart of the discerning jazzophile, and pique the casual listener’s interest. It is a journey that combines the rather conservative choices of this winter, with the freshness of spring! Have fun, and don’t forget that below you’ll find all the available information on the albums contributing to the playlist!

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All about the Albums taking part in the Playlist:

Oscar Rocchi Quintet – Jazz Progression
Genre: Contemporary jazz, post-bop
Label: Four Flies
Place: Rome, IT
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

An album that normally wouldn’t be in our collection, since it’s a reissue. Its first release on vinyl was in 1984, followed by a CD in 2008, and now we find it on streaming services as well. It’s a nice quintet by the Italian conductor and pianist Oscar Rocchi, which also gives us the opportunity to spot differences with today’s straight ahead jazz sound.

Sergio Fanni (tp), Hugo Heredia (ts, fl), Oscar Rocchi (p), Giovanni Tommaso (b), Gianni Cazzola (dr), Roberto Gatto (dr on 8)

Bruno De Almeida – Cinema Imaginado, Vol. 2
Genre: Jazz-funk, fusion, acid jazz, spoken word
Place: New York / Lisbon
Reviews: Radiolicipo
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Film director and musician Bruno De Almeida arranges his compositions for a jazz ensemble, leaving a lot of freedom to the soloists, while he himself tells his cinematic stories.

Family Band – Family Band
Genre: Modern jazz, free-bop
Label: Family Band
Place: Sheffield, UK
Reviews: JazzViews
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

With skill, good taste and creative flair, the quartet of Kim Macari (tr), Riley Stone-Lonergan (ts), Tom Rivière (b) and Steve Hanley (dr) is mainly following in the footsteps of Ornette Coleman

Martin Bejerano – #CubanAmerican (2022)
 Genre: Contemporary jazz, latin jazz, post-bop
Label: Figgland Records
Place: Miami, FL
Reviews: AllMusic, AllAboutJazz, LatinJazzNet
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Talented virtuoso pianist Martin Bejerano makes perfect use of his exuberant musical background. Featuring Edward Pérez (b), Ludwig Afonso (dr), Samuel Torres (perc) and vocalist  Roxana Amed

Saudade Experiment – (Got) Everything To Shine
Genre: Jazz-hop
Label: Humpty dumpty records
Place: Brussels, BE
Reviews: LesOreillesCurieuses
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

The juvenile version of jazz from Junior Bokele and his collaborators

Tyler Mitchell – Sun Ra’s Journey
Genre: Contemporary jazz, free jazz
Label: Cellar Live
Place: NY
Reviews: AllAboutJazzMakingAScene
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Authentic, vintage style, from a live recording, by bassist Tyler Mitchell‘s octet, formed by members of the today’s Sun Ra Orchestra, including its legendary conductor, 97-year-old saxophonist Marshall Allen. Starring Chris Hemingway (ts), Nicoletta Manzini (as), Giveton Gelin (tp), Farid Barron (p), Wayne Smith (dr), Ron Mcbee (perc), Elson Nacimento (perc)

Zeñel – 5ive
Genre: Jazz-hop, beats, electronic
Label: Jazz Re freshed
Place: London, UK
Reviews: Osotao
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

The characteristic club-like sound of today’s UK-jazz, from the Zeñel quartet

Aki Takase – Aki Takase Carmen Rhapsody
Genre: Classical, avant-garde/free
Label: BMC Records
Place: London, UK
Reviews: BMCrecords, EuropeJazzNet
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

The 75 y.o. legendary pianist Aki Takase at this time is joined by soprano Mayumi Nakamura, cellist Vincent Courtois and saxophonist Daniel Erdmann to freely perform arias and excerpts from Bizet’s opera Carmen, culminating, as usual, in impressive, volcanic improvisations

Brad Goode – The Unknown
Genre: Fusion, modern jazz
Label: Origin Records
Place: USA
Reviews: OriginArts, AllAboutJazz
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

An album reminiscent of Miles Davis’ electric period, from the exceptional trumpeter Brad Goode, joined with Jeff Jenkins (kb), Seth Lewis (el.b), Paa Kow (dr, perc)

Eva Cassidy, London Symphony Orchestra, Christopher Willis – I Can Only Be Me
Genre: Vocal jazz, pop, crossover
Label: Blix Street
Place: London (?)
Reviews: AmericanHighWaves, EvaCassidyFunClub
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Eva Cassidy‘s voice and performances are a revelation! A singer and songwriter with a folk/blues/jazz repertoire, she died prematurely at the age of 33 in 1996. The London Symphony Orchestra, using now the latest A.I. techniques, isolates her voice from her original, poor quality recordings and dress it up in a sophisticated symphonic sound. What a poem!

Universal Connection – Beauty & Mystery
Genre: Modern jazz
Label: amm
Place: Denmark
Reviews: StollerHall
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

The partnership of Londoners Hans Koller (p), and Martin Speake (as) with the famous Danish rhythm section of Anders Christensen (b), and Anders Mogensen (dr) safely takes us to the deep core of jazz

Ludovica Burtone – Sparks
Genre: Chamber-jazz
Label: Outside in Music
Place: NY
Reviews: JazzDelapena
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Melodic compositions by Italian violinist Ludovica Burtone, arranging for her string quartet and a jazz trio, featuring Marta Sanchez (p), Matt Aronoff (b), Nathan Ellman-Bell (dr) and Melissa Aldana (ts) as guest

Steve Millhouse – The Unwinding
Genre: Contemporary jazz
Label: SteepleChase
Place: New York
Reviews: JazzMessengers
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

A classic, mainstream saxophone trio that sounds interesting because of the double role of Steve Millhouse‘s contrabass-guitar. He is joined by well known Rich Perry (ts) and Eric Halvorson (dr)

Peter Weniger’s Point of Departure – Serious Fun
Genre: Jazz-funk, fusion
Label: Toy Piano Records
Place: Berlin, DE
Reviews: JazzFun
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Traditional electric jazz-funk/fusion that reads as pleasant, thanks to the experience, musicianship and improvisational ability of its members. Featuring Peter Weniger (ts, ss), Florian Ross (keys), Hanno Busch (q), Claus Fischer (el.b), Patrice Heral (dr)

Lisa Marie Simmons, Marco Cremaschini – NoteSpeak 12
Genre: Spoken word, contemporary jazz, afrobeat
Label: Ropeadope
Place: Italy
Reviews: JazzViews, Viewlesswings, JazzFuel
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Lisa Marie Simmons‘ poetry and songs are backed by a remarkable band, led by pianist Marco Cremaschini

Kendrick Scott – Corridors
Genre: Μodern jazz, post-bop
Label: Blue Note Records
Place: USA
Reviews: BlueNote, AllaboutJazz, AllMusic, JazzTrail, JazzWise
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

An A-class trio of renowned Kendrick Scott (dr), Reuben Rogers (b) and Walter Smith III (ts), delivered intelligibly, with clarity and authority

Sarp Maden, Tolga Tüzün – Converging Lines
Genre: Experimental, Electronic
Label: Bilgi Music Label
Place: Instabul, Turkey
Listen: Soundcloud, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

A variety of electronic timbres and interesting harmonic content, by Sarp Maden’s guitar and Tolga Tüzüns keys

Pierrick Pedron, Gonzalo Rubalcaba – Pedron Rubalcaba
Genre: Modern jazz
Label: Gazebo
Place: NY
Reviews: Dunose
Listen: Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Jazz standards and other compositions non conventionally performed by famous pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba and saxophonist Pierrick Pedron‘s duo

Jacques Schwarz-Bart – The Harlem Suite
Genre: “Afro-caribbean” jazz, new jazz, post-bop
Label: Ropeadope
Place: Boston, USA
Reviews: Ropeadope
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Exemplary contemporary jazz by acclaimed saxophonist Jacques Schwarz-Bart, backed by his front-line, rotating collaborators, Sullivan Fortner or Victor Gould (p), Matt Penman or Reggie Washington (b), Marcus Gilmore or Terri Lyne Carrington (dr), Malika Tirolien or Stephanie McKay (voc)

JSPHYNX – Reflex
Genre: “Jazz & bass”
Label: Sekito
Place: London
Reviews: PiccadillyRecords
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

The modern British scene in action with all the relevant loops, beats and necessary solos, on the first album of trumpeter JSPHYNX (aka Johnny Woodham) and the participation of Rudi Creswick (b, synth), Alfa Mist (keys, voc), Richard Spaven (dr), Michael Underwood (sax, bcl), Liam Shorthall (trb, g), Liam Shortall (g)

Magic Malik – Magic Malik Fanfare XP, Vol. 3
Genre: Modern jazz
Label: Onze Heures Onze
Place: Paris, FR
Reviews: OnzeHeuresOnze
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, SpotifyYoutube

Flutist Magic Malik and the Fanfare XP ensemble continue their creative path (see also Vol. 2), applying Steve Coleman’s compositional model, at its most melodic.
It’s a musical construction of eerie beauty, where the complex rhythmic structures create a deceptive sense of erratic flow, the harmony remains hanging, avoiding easy resolutions, and the unusual improvisational lines explore in every direction.
Nothing but a sound image of the “Eternal Becoming”! Five stars!

Siril Malmedal Hauge & Kjetil Mulelid – Blues and Bells
Genre: Vocal jazz, pop
Label: Grappa Musikkforlag AS
Place: Oslo, Norway
Listen: Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify

The last contribution to our musical enjoyment comes from Siril Malmedal Hauget’s ethereal, angelic voice! On the piano, in a similar romantic mood, Kjetil Mulelid


More New Releases

(from well-known artists and labels, and others of interest)








  • Buster Williams – Unalome (Smoke Sessions)
    (Jean Baylor, Bruce Williams, Stefon Harris, George Colligan, Lenny White)
  • Christian McBride & New Jawn – Prime
    (Josh Evans, Marcus Strickland, Nasheet Waits)
  • Michael Feinberg – Blues Variant (Criss Cross)
    (Noah Preminger, Nasheet Waits, Leo Genovese, Dave Liebman)
  • Ben Wolfe – Unjust
    (Orrin Evans, Addison Frei, Immanuel Wilkins, Nicole Glover, Nicholas Payton, Aaron Kimmel, Joel Ross)
  • Lars Danielsson – Lars Danielsson Symphonized (ACT)
    (ft. Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Carolina Grinne, Paolo Fresu, ..)
  • Joelle Léandre – Zurich Concert (Intakt)
  • Zack Lober – No Fill3R (ZenneZ)







FEATURING GREEK ARTISTS (visit keepjazzin.gr)

  • Billy Prim (dr)Ivora (2022 Irida Jazz)
  • Clio K (harp) Jasmine in November (Ankh Productions)
  • Zikoyiannis Yiorgos (b)The Last Train (Jazz Breeze)
  • Dan Arcamone, Panagiotis Andreou (b), Steve PruittStandards, Vol. 2
  • Dimitris Kakavoulis (p) Quartet – Curves
    (Dimitris Kollias, Periklis Trivolis, Leandros Fratnik)
  • NostosBack and Forth
    (ft. Michalis Tsiftsis: g)
  • Five-Way SplitAll the Way
    (ft. Vasilis Xenopoulos: ts, ..)
  • Theo Kapilidis (g) Home Away from Home (Jazz Breeze)
  • Yiannis Kassetas (sax) – Lucid Dream (Puzzlemusik)
  • Thodoris Kotsifas (g) – New War Design
  • Jacob Roved, Sami Linna, George Kontrafouris (hmd)Our Groove Your Move
  • MOb – MOb1
    (Marios Valinakis, Alexandros Delis, Panagiotis Kostopoulos)
  • Viktorija Pilatovic, Petros Klampanis (b)Skybridges
  • John Floros – Letter to J.F. (Jazz Breeze)
    (ft. Giorgos Maniatis, George Polychronakos, Nikos Siderokastritis, ..)
  • Petros Klampanis (b)Tora Collective
  • Grigoris Melakis (dr), Pantelis Benetatos (p)Anadromi
  • Tangent Quartet, Yiannis Vagianos (b)Schema